Individual Psychotherapy/Psychoanalysis

Through a trusting and supportive relationship, we will work together to understand more about you and your many layers. My supportive, non judgmental approach will hopefully allow you to open up over time and to be vulnerable enough to explore those things about your self that you would like to change. By learning more about your underlying psychological dynamics, we can make changes that will help you to live a happier, more fulfilled life.  

Short-Term Group Counseling/Support Groups

Groups are an excellent way to gain support and understanding around specific themes. There is a certain strength that comes from group dynamics and from a group working together around a certain goal. These dynamics can be empowering and grounding and can lead to a more centered way of approaching the world. 

Parent Consultation/Family Therapy

Consultations are a way to work with parents or family members around a specific concern. Consultations usually happen as a family member, whether it be a child, a partner or a siblings, enters a different phase of life, or when a family member is experiencing a certain transition and the family needs additional support. I also work with parents around limit setting, understanding their child's developmental phase, and how to approach specific concerns.





Young Adults




I enjoy working with individuals of all ages and from culturally diverse backgrounds. As a former school psychologist, I have an expertise in working with adolescents and young adults around both emotional and learning difficulties. This also informs my work with parents and adults. 

As a private clinician, I have experience working with individuals who struggle with self worth, anxieties and preoccupations, depression, 

trauma, and complicated family dynamics. I also work around general life stressors such as building and maintaining relationships, separating from one's parents, becoming independent, being vulnerable in relationships and cultivating intimacy, creating a good work life balance, and managing internal and external expectations. 

Lastly, I find it energizing to work with groups of people, either from a counseling or support angle, or within an organization. There are powerful dynamics that emerge in a group and when channeled, these dynamics can lead to growth, change, and continued development.