Executive Coaching

In a world where organizational dynamics are ever changing and the idea of a stable, predictable, and long-term work environment is a thing of the past, it makes sense that business leaders would need support to manage these changes in business culture. As an executive coach, I provide a psychological perspective in both my understanding of organizational issues and the inherent, underlying difficulties that are involved in being a leader.

Coaching around Organizational Dynamics

As part of our work together, we will look at the organizational dynamics (i.e.: people aren’t communicating, there’s low morale, people are disengaged, people aren’t motivated) in detail to understand the psychological history of how these dynamics developed and how to approach them in a way that workers will feel valued and part of the whole. With a psychological approach, these dynamics can change over time, which ultimately leads to a healthier culture and greater organizational success.


One-on-One Executive Coaching

I also work closely with executives to help them understand how their internal world and own background effects their ability to lead. Through a safe and trusting relationship, we will work together to gain further insight about your levels of assertiveness, your decision making process, the way you collaborate, issues related to control and power (and your comfort level with control, lack of control, and power), how you approach (or avoid) conflict and why, your ability to facilitate tasks, and your ability to listen to others, to communicate effectively, and to build trustworthy relationships. 


As an area of specialty, I work with female executives around specific themes. The Superwoman complex is one type of theme. By this, I mean helping women executives who are always busy and constantly on the go, yet overwhelmed and spread too thin, understand the psychological roots to their Superwoman behaviors (i.e.: possibly an underlying, deeper need to feel wanted and important). The Imposter Syndrome is a second common theme in which women do not feel they deserve the successes they have achieved. While there are many types of themes, one of the goals of our work is to understand how underlying psychological constructs shape the way in which you lead. 

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