Dutchess County Support Groups

Small, In Person, Socially Distanced Support Groups

The past few months have turned life as we know it upside down. As the months go on, we learn more and more about some things, yet other aspects of life continue to remain unknown and unsettled. At times, it seems like with more knowns come more unknowns. This causes everyone to have many feelings and reactions, some of which may vary day to day and even hour to hour.

I am offering small, in person, support groups centered around the unique themes related to Covid 19. These groups are limited in size and will be held once a week at a designated public outdoor location. Mutual respect, confidentiality, masks, and social distancing are all expected. 

Covid-19 and Adults: Adjusting to the New Normals

Life is filled with uncertainty, now so more than ever. This support group is to talk about all that is happening with Covid-19; the emotions, the unknowns, the ups and downs, and the many feelings involved in phasing back into life under our new circumstances. In this group, we will address how this virus has impacted us emotionally and how to stay grounded and centered during this uncertain time and as we adjust to the new normals.

Covid-19 and Parents: Time to Regroup

Many parents are talking about the silver lining of spending more time with their kids right now. But there are many complications that the virus has caused in terms of parenting. How do you set limits with a child, encourage their independence and growth, give them space, and hold them accountable as the world is an uncertain, scary place right now? This is a group for parents to talk about some of these themes along with how to balance one's own feelings as you also support your child's growth and development. 

Covid-19 and Just Moved to Dutchess County

Re-locating, especially under stressful circumstances, is a big change that can cause many feelings. The adjustment process will take time and will cultivate different feelings at different points in times. And in order to settle in and feel grounded, one must process the loss of leaving your home, your friends, your familiar routines and all of your knowns. This is a group aimed at exploring all of these emotions along with helping newcomers to feel less alone and more connected to other newbies and life in Dutchess Country. 

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